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The Solariser is a new design of gate or driveway barrier which is built rock-solid, yet collapses vertically using only a 24” square piece of real estate. Solariser does not swing out or retract horizontally, systems which require a lot of space and constant snow clearing to operate. The Solariser is remotely operated and solar charged, requiring absolutely no power from any other source. The gate will continue to operate normally even when the power is out. The Solariser has been tested in severe weather conditions and will work flawlessly in sleet, snow and rain at temperatures -35 to +40. Solariser base can be painted any color, be covered in a covering material to match other existing structures on the property or be encased in masonry stonework.

  • Built rock solid
  • Collapses vertically using only 24” square of space
  • Remotely operated
  • Solar charged
  • Will continue to operate when the power is out
  • Will operate in any weather conditions
  • Easy to work gate base into the surrounding landscape

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